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                                          Cisco Training and Certifications

                                          Cisco Training and Certifications

                                          Cisco Training and Certifications

                                          Tech training for every IT learning goal

                                          Launch a new career. Amplify your current skills. Learn just because you want to. No matter where you are in your journey, Cisco can help you thrive in the IT world. Cisco training and certifications are recognized worldwide, preparing you for a range of tech roles – and with hands-on experiences, online resources, and self-paced courses, you can learn the way that works best for you.

                                          Become one of more than 17 million individuals trained

                                          You’re in good company, with over 4 million certifications issued

                                          Join a community of over 1.2 million learners

                                          Start your tech career with Cisco Networking Academy

                                          Learn the technology, land your dream job.

                                          Learn on your own time with self-paced courses or take instructor-led courses from academies across the globe. Earn digital badges and prepare for industry-recognized certifications in topics like cybersecurity, networking, and Python.

                                          Start training with NetAcad

                                          Grow your career with a Certification

                                          Stand out in the IT field with a Certification

                                          Employers worldwide value Cisco training. So go ahead! Get certified, and become a rock star in your field.

                                          Browse certifications

                                          Earn a Certification in Networking

                                          The network is the heartbeat of the digital future, and companies need trusted specialists to manage their systems. With a CCNA certification, you could be the right person for the job.

                                          Learn more about CCNA

                                          Upskill in Cybersecurity

                                          The cybersecurity field is booming, and so is the IT job market. Be head and shoulders above other job-seekers with a CyberOps certification.

                                          Learn more about CyberOps

                                          Launch a career in Networking Automation

                                          The DevNet Automation certification hones both your software development knowledge and your networking expertise, making you an asset in a wide range of IT roles.

                                          Learn more about DevNet Automation

                                          Build essential skills through Training

                                          Find training that meets your goals

                                          Whether you’re looking to learn specific skills or boost your entire team’s technical know-how, there’s Cisco training for you.

                                          Explore all training

                                          Get hands-on training for your team

                                          Upskill your entire team in an interactive, real-world environment. Led by expert instructors, group training encourages collaboration and takes your team’s productivity to the next level.

                                          Find Enterprise training

                                          Kickstart your training for free with Cisco U.

                                          Cisco U. is a new learning platform that delivers tech training to match your specific goals. When you join for free, you’ll have access to a library of free resources, like podcasts, videos, tutorials, and more.

                                          Learn more about Cisco U.

                                          Learn from our Community of experts

                                          No matter where you are in your journey, Cisco learning communities are here to support your training and lifelong learning goals. Connect with fellow learners in certification forums, access key exam resources, study with free IT training videos and webinars, and more.

                                          Cisco Learning Network

                                          Join the Cisco Learning Network's vibrant community to learn from industry experts and jump-start your learning goals.

                                          Explore Cisco Learning Network


                                          Cisco DevNet supports developers and IT individuals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs.

                                          Explore DevNet

                                          "People always want to know who they're talking to. They want to know if you're qualified. Certifications give you instant credibility."

                                          Kevin Brown, CyberOps Analyst
                                          CCNA, CyberOps Associate Certifications

                                          Cisco U.

                                          Try the tech learning experience shaped around your goals.

                                          Upcoming events

                                          Cisco Live Melbourne

                                          December 5-8, 2023
                                          Melbourne, Australia

                                          Cisco Live Amsterdam

                                          Feb 5-9, 2024
                                          Amsterdam, Netherlands

                                          Cisco Live Las Vegas

                                          June 2-6, 2024
                                          Las Vegas, U.S.

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