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                                          Cisco Breach Protection Suite

                                          Defend against sophisticated threats

                                          Secure your business with simplified security operations and accelerated response through AI-powered defense.

                                          Try a demo
                                          Overview Resources Licenses

                                          Detect smarter. Respond faster. Deliver better SOC experiences.

                                          Empower your security operations to conquer every tactic, technique, and procedure (TTP), today and tomorrow.

                                          Enable the SOP to stop breaches

                                          Stop the most complex attacks

                                          • Uncover attacks faster with AI/ML driven enrichment
                                          • Deliver impact-based prioritizations with correlated telemetry
                                          • Improve efficacy through network-based detections across cloud/on-premises
                                          See more, respond faster

                                          Significantly accelerate incident response

                                          • Speed up investigation by getting the right information every step of the way
                                          • Understand the full scope of attacks with unified visibility from a single, intuitive console
                                          • Streamline response by pairing human talent with AI and automation
                                          Make the most of your people and technology investments

                                          Maximize your resources

                                          • Integrate with existing tools to optimize investments and improve ROI
                                          • Empower analysts to take fast, decisive actions with guided remediation
                                          • Ease the security talent gap and alleviate burnout by automating manual tasks

                                          Get to know Breach Protection

                                          Computer screen displaying Cisco Breach Protection detecting breaches

                                          Comprehensive threat visibility

                                          Get a broad view of the threat landscape across email, endpoint, network, and cloud vectors.

                                          Early threat detection

                                          Stop threats before it's too late by combining detection for email, endpoints, networks, and the cloud.

                                          Improved incident response

                                          Speed response with streamlined workflows, enriched context, and comprehensive attack visibility.

                                          Enhanced threat intelligence

                                          Generate accurate and actionable threat intelligence by correlating telemetry across multiple sources.

                                          Deep contextual insights

                                          Understand the full scope of attacks and enable accurate response with enriched contextual insights.

                                          Cisco Breach Protection is built to meet you where you are


                                          Breach Protection Essentials

                                          Detect and respond to threats like Wizard Spyder and Turla utilizing phishing, endpoint vulnerabilities, and living-off-the-land attacks through an integrated email, endpoint and XDR solution.

                                          What's included:



                                          Breach Protection Advantage

                                          Enhance security by uniting network-based detections across cloud/on-premises against nation-state threats like BlackTech, Volt Typhoon, Jaguar Tooth.

                                          Products in the Advantage tier include and build upon products within the Essentials tier.

                                          What's included:

                                          User monitoring his company's security environment on a desktop

                                          If it's connected, you're protected

                                          More connected users and devices creates more complexity. Cisco Security Cloud, integrated and centrally managed, makes security easier for IT and safer for everyone.

                                          Explore Cisco Breach Protection

                                          Introducing Cisco Breach Protection

                                          Get to know Cisco Breach Protection, built by security analysts, for security analysts.


                                          A total of 83% of organizations have experienced more than one data breach. How protected is your business?

                                          Gartner? Hype Cycle? for Security Operations, 2023

                                          Get Gartner's take on the state of SecOps and what to look for in threat detection and response solutions.


                                          Learn about specific Cisco Breach Protection capabilities and how to optimize existing security investments.

                                          Take the next step

                                          Simplified security that keeps you resilient

                                          Protect your business from sophisticated threats by accelerating responses and simplifying experiences. See Cisco Breach Protection in action.

                                          Don't let complexity leave you vulnerable

                                          Learn what your security team can do with a unified view, increased automation and less alert fatigue from a comprehensive solution.

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