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                                          Cisco User Protection Suite

                                          Secure access made simple

                                          Protect users from threats on any device, anywhere they work.

                                          Talk to an expert
                                          Overview Resources Licenses

                                          Better for users. Easier for IT. Safer for everyone.

                                          Get secure access to any application, on any device, from anywhere to support zero trust with zero friction.

                                          Empower users

                                          • Use a security service edge (SSE) solution that provides unified, seamless user access for all apps
                                          • Get real-time, risk-based authentication that preserves user privacy
                                          • Block unsafe and unknown devices while provisioning access to both managed and unmanaged devices

                                          Minimize attack surface

                                          • Achieve secure outcomes for users, endpoints, email, web, and more
                                          • Defend across the entire organization by connecting complete, built-in, high-fidelity telemetry with 550 billion observed security events daily
                                          • Pinpoint issues with end-to-end experience insights (global general availability coming soon)

                                          Enhance visibility and control

                                          • Take a consolidated security approach to deliver the most powerful outcomes
                                          • Reduce IT burden with automation, self-service, and self-remediation
                                          • Improve your security posture by providing continuous verification for all applications (global general availability coming soon)??

                                          Secure any user, on any device, from anywhere

                                          Laptop- mockup- showing graph

                                          Posture and authentication

                                          Reduce the number of stolen credentials with risk-based and passwordless authentication, verified push, and more.?

                                          Endpoint security

                                          Identify and block threats using machine learning, behavior analysis, and more.

                                          Email threat defense

                                          Quickly evaluate and identify potential threat targets with file reputation scoring and sandboxing.

                                          Experience insights

                                          Get visibility into your user's digital experience with ThousandEyes (general availability coming soon).

                                          Remote browser isolation

                                          Reduce 70% of attacks that compromise end-user systems.

                                          Security service edge (SSE)

                                          Protect against web-based threats with converged set of security features like ZTNA.

                                          Threat intelligence

                                          Get ahead of threats and defend against evolving risks with Talos Intelligence.

                                          Choose from 2 easy-to-adopt User Protection packages

                                          User Protection Essentials


                                          Deliver streamlined security that frustrates attackers and not users. Easily protect against threats, reduce risk and complexity, and improve the user experience.

                                          What's included:

                                          User Protection Advantage


                                          Reduce complexity and improve visibility across your entire environment. Proactively block more threats while providing seamless, secure user access from anywhere.

                                          Products in the Advantage tier include and build upon products within the Essentials tier.

                                          What's included:

                                          Man looking into Computer

                                          If it's connected, you're protected

                                          More connected users and devices creates more complexity. Cisco Security Cloud, integrated and centrally managed, makes security easier for IT and safer for everyone.

                                          Explore more user protection

                                          Empower users, outsmart threats

                                          Discover how end-to-end protection can empower users and enhance visibility.?

                                          Unlock seamless access, minimize complexity

                                          Get the details on how User Protection connects and protects any user on any device from anywhere.

                                          Protect users, ignite productivity

                                          Your users work from everywhere. Empower them with better protection and improved productivity.

                                          Seamless, secure user access, made simple

                                          Threats come from everywhere. A total of 74% of all breaches involve the human element, either from stolen credentials, social engineering, privilege misuse, or user error. Protect your users anywhere.

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