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                                          Workers installing Cisco Smart Building devices

                                          Cisco Smart Building solutions

                                          Build for the changing way we work

                                          Reimagine your workspaces. Create connected experiences built and powered by innovative, user-centric technology.

                                          Overview Resources

                                          Elevate your space by combining design, technology, and data

                                          Create the workplace experience your teams enjoy and future talent desires to power your successful real estate strategy.

                                          Lower capital expenditures

                                          Save money and simplify operations by investing in a single secure network.

                                          Reduce operating expenses

                                          Use less energy with connected HVAC, security, and occupancy systems.

                                          Accelerate your net-zero journey

                                          Cut your building's carbon emissions by swapping in energy-efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE).

                                          Design safe, inviting workplaces

                                          Create spaces ideal for hot desking, collaboration, socializing, and training.

                                          Design your facility with smart building technology

                                          Discover smart building benefits for every role

                                          Corporate real estate

                                          Corporate real estate

                                          Use smart-building technologies to gain actionable, timely insights into building resource availability, occupancy, and energy usage. These advancements will help control costs and maximize profits with tools that track and monitor location, usage, and behavior.

                                          Unified workplace experience

                                          Unified workplace experience

                                          Extend corporate culture to a diverse, distributed workforce with more secure connectivity to productivity tools and shared resources.

                                          Architecture and interior design

                                          Architecture and interior design

                                          Make "smart" a starting point to create an attractive space for hybrid workers today—and whatever comes next.

                                          Construction, mechanical, and electrical

                                          Construction, mechanical, and electrical

                                          Design to reduce costs, maximize space utilization, and manage asset inventory using technology that senses, controls, and automates almost every aspect of the building.

                                          ??Cisco Smart Workspaces software visualization

                                          Transform your building into a smart building

                                          Get actionable insights by bringing all applications and data together into one cloud platform. Harness the behavioral data of people and things with Cisco Spaces.

                                          Find innovative products that power smart buildings

                                          Meraki MV72 sensor

                                          Physical security

                                          Sensors and cameras

                                          Reimagine your safety and physical security best practices. Experience less complexity, fewer manual tasks, and more visibility across your workspaces.

                                          Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches

                                          Power your office

                                          Power over Ethernet (PoE)

                                          Reimagine powering your buildings. Optimize energy efficiency and workplace wellness using your network as the foundation for smarter, more sustainable buildings.

                                          Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Point

                                          Network and power

                                          Switching, wireless, PoE

                                          Reimagine your network with software and hardware that work best together. Connect and power your buildings with built-in automation, analytics, and security.

                                          Cisco Board Pro 75 collaboration device

                                          Collaboration devices

                                          Empower your teams

                                          Reimagine teamwork. Connect, share, and create with your teams and go-to apps with the latest innovative devices powering hybrid work.

                                          Meraki security camera

                                          Experience how Cisco does smart buildings

                                          Take an immersive virtual tour of our PENN 1 office in New York. See how our state-of-the-art workplace is designed to attract top talent, help ensure well-being, and provide flexible ways to work.

                                          Gain insight from industry leaders

                                          Webinar for smart buildings design

                                          See the role of technology in the workplace design process

                                          Join real estate and technology leaders from Gensler and Accenture to hear about best strategies for designing workplaces of the future with a technology view to help ensure an exceptional user experience and organizational outcomes.

                                          Cisco design guides

                                          Design guides for smart workplaces

                                          Get our design guides that help take the guesswork out of modernizing your workplaces and create the optimal work environment that works for you.

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